Sindhudesh Conflict


Sindhudesh is a concept floated by some Sindhi nationalists in Pakistan for the creation of a Sindhi state, which would be independent from Pakistan. The movement is based in the Sindh region of Pakistan. It was conceived by the Sindhi political leader G. M. Syed. In 1972 G. M. Syed had proposed the formation of an independent nation for the Sindhis by the name Sindhudesh. Syed was the first nationalist politician of Pakistan to call for the independence of his land in the Pakistan divided by the liberation of Bangladesh. The movement for Sindhi language and identity led by Syed drew inspiration from the Bengali language movement. In the post independence Pakistan, the machination of the Pakistani state convinced Syed that Sindhis would be marginalised in the set up. The elite Sindhi landowners who in alliance with the politicians at the centre were condemning Sindh to a state of political apathy and misery. The concept of Sindhudesh as propounded by Syed had called for the liberation and freedom of Sindhis from the Punjabi-Mohajir imperialism.